5 references about Brazil with Z


Hey people! Actually, my English-speakers friends. This is Pitacodemia, a new project who aims to share knowledge through lists on internet. Well how dos it works? We receive contribuitions (by anyone) about any subjetc or theme, with references (5 to 10) which means ANY kind of these: books, articles, documentaries, movies, music, people.

The main goal of Pitacodemia is to share knowledge and makes people get more access in references they might get interested.

The site is originally from Brazil, and, because of it, it’s almost entirely in Portuguese. Until now… We release our first post in English, and we must say that for now we also accept contribuitions in English. We are still “small” (because of it we can’t afford an entire site in English yet.. we sorry for that), but we hope soon you’ll be able to access Pitacodemia in both languages.

So please send to us your contribuition: contribuicao@pitacodemia.com, and we will publish it ;)

Oh, one more thing: “Pitaco” is a Portuguese slang means “Tip”, i.e., an informal suggestion you give to someone who needs to learn more about some subject or just get more in touch with it. So, our site is an Academy of Tips, if you get the idea ;)

Well, as our first post in English, we will talk about Brasil. Oh, actually, Brazil with Z (…)